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Norwood Park (Northwode) is first mentioned in the inquisition of Archbishop Neville's property in 1388. At the time he held Northwode, Hexgreave, and Hockerwood.

Historic picture of Dining Room at Norwood Park
Historic Drawing Room at Norwood Park
Lateral of hallway at Norwood Park
Horse and Cart at Norwood Park
Glass Houses at Norwood Park
Entrance to Kitchen Garden at Norwood Park
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After the Civil War, Parliament put many episcopal lands up for sale including Norwood Park. In 1649, Edward Cludd (Master General of London) purchased Norwood Park for £965. He built a "pretty little brick house" in which he resided in for the rest of his life. 

As a Civil Magistrate, Edward Cludd conducted many marriage ceremonies beneath a large Oak Tree, thence called Cludd's Oak. Sadly, Cludd's Oak blew down in the 19th century, fortunately, many other enormous Oak Trees from that period remain at Norwood Park; some more than 600 years old.

At the restoration, Norwood Park was returned to the church but Cludd remained a tenant for life. 

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In 1764, Norwood Park was leased by John Sutton and in 1778 his brother Richard Sutton successfully sought an Act of Parliament enabling him to exchange his Easthorpe Estate for ownership of Norwood Park.

Nell Starkey Marrying Cpt Parker Jervis


During the 1760's the Suttons pulled down Edward Cludd's house and erected the present mansion you see today.    
At that time Norwood Park comprised around 30 rooms, domestic offices,  a brew-house, granary, bottle, flow, bakehouse, slaughterhouse, stables, coach house, dog kennels and cow yard.
The Suttons also landscaped the Park, erecting the Temple, developing two more fish ponds and planting the Lime Avenue.  

After more than 100 years of residence, the Sutton family moved from Norwood Park and leased it to a variety of tenants including the Marquis of Carmarthen (Duke of Leeds), Lord Edwin Hill and Mr Dashwood Fane.
Later, Mr Chambers, a consummate entertainer purchased Norwood Park whereupon it became renowned as an "archiepiscopal of hospitality".
The house was filled with exquisite furniture, art, and wealthy guests.

Myrtle Irene Francklin & William Randle Starkey
Nell Starkey Marrying Captain Parker Jervis
Historic Wedding at Norwood Park
Starkey wedding at local Church
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Hilda Starkey marrying Charles Parker